Elementary (Grade 1-6)

Grade 1 - 6 students build a strong Christ-centred academic foundation with caring teachers and a supportive learning environment that includes daily devotions, fun activities, and engaging curriculum. From the basics of learning letters and numbers to reaching the stage of creative writing and problem solving, every student is encouraged and challenged to reach their highest potential. 

Forming friendships, developing social skills, and learning what it means to have Christlike character are key aspects of these formational years in a child's life.

How is Faith Integrated?

Elementary students build on their faith foundations through daily class devotionals, discipleship classes, and Bible memorization, and chapels for various age groups.

Gr.1-6 Academics

Our fully accredited curriculum follows Alberta Education requirements and is taught with a biblical worldview. Here are some facts about our academics:

  • Class sizes in Grades 1-6 range from 21-26 students.
  • Smaller ratios are common in many elementary core subjects.
  • Additional classroom supports are available and we have access to professional assessment tools and resources that help students to reach their fullest potential.
  • We provide a tutoring mentorship program between some of our elementary and secondary students to help build academic skills, but also to encourage a connection between our varied student body.
  • Classrooms are equipped with smartboards and students have access to digital and online learning tools. 
  • Teachers use google classroom to keep students and parents engaged and informed about HCA academics and activities.

Elementary Music

Elementary Music (K-Gr.6)

Music classes begin in Grade 1 and the recorder is the learning instrument of choice in the elementary program due to its portability and affordability. Orff instruments and the bell choir are introduced between Grades 3-5 and opportunities in music expand for older elementary students with the choir (Gr. 3-6) and beginner band in Grade 6. Kindergarten students also enjoy singing throughout the day to songs that encourage learning, activity and faith.

Elementary Physical Activity

Physical Activity is an important part of the school day for our kindergarten to Grade 6 students. Whether it is an instructional gym class or free time to play outside at recess, physical activity provides a mental break and promotes overall wellness.


Out of School Care Program

Students up to Grade 6 (12 years of age) who require care outside of regular school hours can be enrolled in the Out of School Care Program. We offer care from 6:30 am - 8:15 am and/or 3:30 - 6:00 pm. 

Find out more about the Out of School Care Program