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HCA Leadership Team

Photo of Jason Doerksen

Jason Doerksen


Photo of Willem Hartley

Willem Hartley

HCESC Executive Director

Photo of Sarah Kooiker

Sarah Kooiker

Elementary Vice-Principal

Photo of Leslie Olson

Leslie Olson


Educational Staff

Photo of Lindsay Andreasen

Lindsay Andreasen

Secondary Math & Science

placeholder image for Lisa Bourque

Lisa Bourque

Elementary EA

Photo of Megan Cathcart

Megan Cathcart

Secondary Humanities

Photo of Michael Cherney

Michael Cherney

Secondary Math & Physics

Photo of Allison Cole

Allison Cole

Grade 6B - AM

Photo of Shari Cossette

Shari Cossette

LST / ELL Coordinator

Photo of Tanya Cuke

Tanya Cuke

Elementary EA

Photo of Chris Foster

Chris Foster

Grade 5

Photo of Lisa Fox

Lisa Fox

Grade 6A

Photo of Joyce Galang

Joyce Galang


Photo of Crystal Gray

Crystal Gray


Photo of Sweet-Li Harper

Sweet-Li Harper

Jr. High

Photo of Beverly Harris

Beverly Harris

Grade 2B

Photo of Keegan Harrison

Keegan Harrison

Grade 4

Photo of Melody Hennig

Melody Hennig

Secondary EA

Photo of Derek Henson

Derek Henson

Jr. High & Phys. Ed

Photo of Jillian Howell-Fellows

Jillian Howell-Fellows

Secondary Humanities

Photo of Diana Howey

Diana Howey

Grade 4B

Photo of Heather Jacobs

Heather Jacobs

Grade 1

Photo of Rebecca Keizer

Rebecca Keizer


Photo of Sam Lam

Sam Lam

Grade 9

Photo of Joelle Liknes

Joelle Liknes

Grade 1C

Photo of Connie Lim

Connie Lim

Elementary Music & French

Photo of Deanna Liou

Deanna Liou

LST / ELL Coordinatior

Photo of Stevie Lynch

Stevie Lynch

Grade 5

Photo of Melissa Mann

Melissa Mann


placeholder image for Sakshi Massey

Sakshi Massey

Early Childhood Educator

Photo of Kevin McCorquindale

Kevin McCorquindale

Secondary Science

Photo of Jennifer McInnes

Jennifer McInnes

Phys. Ed & Athletic Director

Photo of Jillian Melle

Jillian Melle

Elementary EA

placeholder image for Jared Munton

Jared Munton

Grade 4

placeholder image for Stephanie Pepneck

Stephanie Pepneck

Grade 7

Photo of Janelle Reimer

Janelle Reimer

Grade 8B

Photo of Joanne Sanderson

Joanne Sanderson

Grade 3

Photo of Jena Scarlett

Jena Scarlett

Grade 1

Photo of Nicole Schirok

Nicole Schirok

Grade 2

Photo of Lynsey Schuck

Lynsey Schuck

Secondary EA

Photo of Amy Shirley

Amy Shirley

Grade 6B - PM | Elem. Phys. Ed | Gr 5&6 Music

Photo of Marissa Summach

Marissa Summach

Grade 7

Photo of Noreen Unger

Noreen Unger

Grade 3A

Photo of Rick Vander Woude

Rick Vander Woude

Secondary Music

Photo of Renae Warne

Renae Warne

Elementary EA

Photo of Aaron Woolner

Aaron Woolner

Grade 8 Math & Science

Support Staff

Photo of Byron Bidulka

Byron Bidulka

Director of Finance

Photo of Grover Bradford

Grover Bradford

Discipleship Pastor

Photo of Wendy Brunning

Wendy Brunning

HCESC Office Assistant

Photo of Charlene Foster

Charlene Foster

Academic & Career Counselor

Photo of Andy Holland

Andy Holland

Facility Operator

Photo of Erika Meipoom-Jones

Erika Meipoom-Jones

Learning Commons Facilitator

Photo of Juan Monge

Juan Monge

Facility Operator

Photo of Meagan Orr

Meagan Orr

Discipleship Pastor

Photo of Hailey Peters

Hailey Peters

Making Connections Worker

Photo of Jennifer Scheck

Jennifer Scheck

Communications Marketing Manager

Photo of Rae Spence

Rae Spence

Admin Assistant

Photo of Lyle Spence

Lyle Spence

Facility Manager

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