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Alternative Program Fees

# of Students Total
12 Monthly
Kindergarten $1,770.00 $147.50
1 - Gr.1-12 Student $4,170.00 $347.50
2 - Gr 1-12 Student $7,130.00 $594.17
3+ Students - Family Max $8,875.00 $739.58

Please Note: the above fees are subject to change on a yearly basis. Increases and changes in fees for the next school year will be communicated in December after the HCESC Annual General Meeting.

  • We offer monthly payment plans for our Society Fees.
  • Enrolment with the HCESC provides one (1) vote per family at the Annual General Meeting. Society membership fees are non-refundable after the start of the fiscal year on September 1.
  • Alternative Program fees go towards the Christian Alternative programming that includes: Retreats, Bibles, curriculum, worship/Chapels, speakers, leadership, Missions, etc. Alternative Program fees also support the facility and staffing expenses that support the Alternative program provided by Heritage Christian Education Society Calgary.
  • One monthly payment of the Alternative Program fees are a non-refundable deposit.

Refundable Capital Bond

1 Student = $3,000  |  Family Max (2 or more students) = $6,000

  • A refundable Capital Bond is a requirement for all new families with a student starting in Grade 1 or higher. Kindergarten students do not pay until Grade 1.
  • The Capital Bond is refunded in August when you leave HCA, or you can choose to donate it to the school.
  • Monthly payment plans are available and payments can be as low as $50/month.
  • The Capital Bond is used to help us maintain our facilities and help with future Capital Projects.


If you have questions about payments for Society Alternative Program Fees, contact us by email using the button below.

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Activity & Course Option Fees

Every student will be charged school activity and material fees. Depending on the student's grade, extra-curricular activities and options chosen, there will be additional fees. School fees are billed in September and February once students have started their courses. These fees are payable through School Cash Online.


Activity & Material Fees

Jr. High Course Option Fees

Sr. High Course Option Fees