Apply Now

Follow these steps to apply...

There are a few steps involved in applying to become a part of the HCA community. Please follow the steps below to ensure we have all the information required to process your application.

1. Fill out Application Form

Click the Application Form button below to access our online application. Please submit all the items on the application checklist by uploading them to your application, drop copies off at the school office, or email using the link below.

    Required Documents:
  • Citizenship document – copy of Birth Certificate, PR Card, Passport, etc.
  • Report Cards – copy of last grade completed and most recent.
  • Educational Assessment – (if applicable) IPP documents, psycho-educational assessments, documents describing learning needs, etc.
  • Pastor's Reference (see #2)

Note: Your application will not be considered until we have received all applicable documents and payments. If we do not have space available, you will be placed in the wait pool and notified when a spot opens up.

2023-24 Application Form 

2. Pastor's Reference

Download the Pastor's Reference form by clicking the button below and email or print for your Pastor to complete on your behalf. 

Your Pastor can email the form to or mail it to the school using the mailing address on the form.

Pastor's Reference 

3. Pay application fee

  • Pay the Application Fee - $250 payable online with credit card using the payment form linked below, or in the office with cash/debit.

Pay Application Fee Here

4. Family interview

  • Once you have submitted a completed application we will review your file.
  • Our Enrolment Officer will contact you to schedule your family for an interview. We want to partner with your family as we educate and disciple your child(ren). We want to get to know you! The interview will include discussion about your faith, review of your child(ren)’s report cards, and expectations of HCA.
  • Both parents or legal guardian(s) and the prospective student(s) are required to be present at this interview.

5. Assessment if required

  • We want to make sure that we are the right school to meet your child’s unique educational needs. If your child(ren) have any learning needs, or if we are unable to gain enough information from their report cards, we will schedule an assessment during the time of your interview. Following the interview, we may request an assessment for your child for the purpose of understanding specific academic needs.

6. Acceptance and registration

  • You will be updated about the status of your application after each step. If you have been accepted into HCA our Enrolment Officer will notify you by phone and email you an acceptance letter and your registration forms.