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Sr Music Tour - Day 5 Part 1

Festival Day II !!

Another early start for the HCA music ensembles today!  After our breakfast was delivered at 730 am we were off for our Choir clinic and adjudication at the Maury Young Arts Centre in Whistler.

While our choir was warming up we were able to enjoy the middle school choir from White Rock Christian perform, its a great way to help support our fellow students and enjoy some amazing music.

We had an awesome greeting to start our performance, seems that our fan base heard we were going to be here and we received a great warm welcome for our performance.  Our finale was a rousing gospel standard with some great solos that really raised the roof! On appearances alone we are definitely very impressive and once we started to sing we definitely showed how our ensembles have come together and grown during this tour.

Lunch came early today and we got to enjoy some great authentic tacos in the sunshine (have we mentioned how amazing the weather has been?)  The festival itself had some timing challenges today due to a car accident on the highway leading in causing performers and adjudicators alike to be late.

After lunch was finished up (our performance wear survived another messy meal!) Jazz band was off to prepare, but that as they say is another story.....

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