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Sr Music Tour - Day 1

Our 2023 Music Tour started off with an early 6am call for the bus!  After a little extra "Jenga" time we were able to squeeze all of our equipment and luggage into the bus (thanks to Mr Mac and his packing crew), and Doug (our chauffeur) got us on the road quickly.  

The excitement of the morning gave way to the tiredness of the early morning and our groups settled in to play games, watch videos and catch up on sleep until our arrival in Revelstoke to pickup lunch at Subway.  About 20 minutes down the road we had our first stop at Craigellachie, better known as the "Last Spike" where East met West, tying together our huge expance into a country which was a great spot to eat lunch and stretch our legs for a half hour.

Settling back in and enjoying the beautiful scenery and Mr V's running commentary on the mountains and features surrounding us we continued on towards our destination, every once in a while breaking into a song (it is a music trip after all) until a fuel break in Kamloops.... The idea of a truck stop was too much to pass up for us (or we really needed some stimulation) so we had a quick time out there and headed backup the never ending hill to the Coaquihalla pass and down towards Vancouver.....

And then traffic and an accident.  We were so happy to be running ahead of schedule so, naturally we ended up standing still for an hour.  That prompted early movie time, so we passed the time with UP (for what was supposed to be the last hour of our drive that turned into two).

Arriving into Abbotsford pretty close to right on time however, we were able to unpack our bus, check into our rooms and .... Jump on yet another bus to a swell dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  We made a new friend (new bus driver) and finally got to have a family style dinner together.  When we returned back to the hotel there were no worries of late night noise as everyone enjoyed much needed devotions together, some time in prayer and song and then lights out by 1030!

Sr Music Tour 2023 - Day 1

On the tour bus and a few stops along the way. Supper at the Old Spaghetti Factory upon arrival.

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