Used Uniforms

HCA has an online facebook marketplace where parents can buy and sell  used uniform items. Arrangements are made directly between parents and the site is monitored by designated parent volunteers and staff.

Items being sold must be currently available through our uniform supplier (Top Marks) with the exception of basic black bottoms for Grade 1-6 and white dress shirts for Grade 1-6. 

The following items have recently been discontinued from the HCA uniform:
  • white polo shirts
  • tartan skort (built-in shorts with a skirt front)
  • Hawkswear hoodies/sweatshirts - *2021-22 is the final year that Hawks wear hoodies/sweatshirts will be allowed with everyday uniform. There is a new zip-up offered for layering warmth and we are considering re-introducing a basic HCA uniform sweatshirt/hoodie.
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