Used Uniforms

HCA parent volunteers provide opportunities to sell and purchase uniforms that are in excellent used condition. 


If you are dropping off used uniform items for resale, please complete the Used-Uniform Drop-off google FORM

  • Complete one form for each item - it will help us keep track of inventory and of the items you have brought in.
  • Include your first & last name and email address in each closed bag of uniform items so that we can connect the items with the list provided on the google form. (Each item does NOT need to be in its own bag)
  • Items for sale may be dropped off at any time in the drop-off bin located outside the main entrance or in the office.
  • If you are able, please phone 403-717-1067 and leave a quick message to let us know that items have been dropped off.  
Before you hand in your uniforms to sell at the used uniform sale, please check the following…
  1. Has the uniform piece been washed?
  2. Is the garment worn out or does it need repair? Check underarms, cuffs and hems for holes and stains. Look for tears at the hem of pants that were too long and have been stepped on, or white marks where hems have been let down. Watch for knees that are worn out or staining on the collar. Do the zippers work? Are there any buttons missing?
  3. Is it a Top Marks item? We cannot sell any Halperns items or items purchased at any other retail outlets. If left for the sale, these items will be sent to charity.
  • If the item does not meet the above criteria, please correct the problems before leaving it for sale. 
  • When items left for sale are deemed unsellable for any reason, they will be culled and you will not be contacted!
Payment to Sellers

Items are sold at approximately half the Top Mark’s list price. Sellers will receive the amount of the sale price minus $2 per item that is used to support the expenses associated with the used uniform program and/or financial assistance. 

If you have items that sell, cheques will be issued 2 - 3 times per year. We will mail cheques unless we are able to contact you and arrange for payment to be picked up at the school. If you do not collect and deposit your cheque within six months from date of issuing, Heritage will cancel the cheque and keep the funds to use for financial assistance and/or used uniform program expenses.


Used Uniform sales occur throughout the year and are by appointment only while we have restrictions on public gatherings due to COVID-19. Watch for details and appointment booking links in the weekly emails prior to sale dates.

  • One parent may attend and must complete a COVID screening form, sanitize hands, and wear a mask while in the school building. There is a limit of three (3) items per student. Payment can be by credit, debit, cash or cheque (card payments are preferred).

Used Uniforms by Individual Appointment

We may be able to help you access used uniform pieces as needed outside of scheduled uniform sale dates. There are no guarantees that we will have the items you are looking for, but even if we can find a few pieces to offset the cost of purchasing everything new, we will certainly try to help. Contact us to make arrangements  


Used uniform sales can't happen without parent volunteers! If you are interested in helping to sort, set-up, or sell, please contact us.

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