Heritage Christian Education Society Calgary (HCESC)

The Heritage Christian Education Society Calgary (HCESC) exists to faciliate the ongoing mission of Heritage Christian Academy as an evangelical, Christian school by fostering excellence, providing leadership in educating students in partnership with parents, and stewarding the resources entrusted to us by God.

Board Mandate

Together with families, we are called by God to disciple and train our children in the knowledge and love of Christ, in pursuit of the development of an authentic relationship with Him.

Board Members

Pieter De Waal

Board Chair

Ann Webb

Vice-Chair & Secretary

Edwind Uy


Daniel Ayoade

Board Member

Ben Timmermans

Board Member

Strategic Pillars

  1. Engage the HCA Community
    • Create communication tools that are effective and engaging
    • Build a sense of community, support and pride
  2. Develop Long-Term Sustainability
    • Provide effective stewardship of Society resources
    • Attract and retain stakeholders interested in the HCA Community
    • Develop a culture of philanthropy
    • Develop long-range site plan
    • Prepare for future scenarios that may exclude public funds
  3. Build Organizational Excellence
    • Utilize effective strategic, operational, and governance planning to support the organization
    • Provide a healthy workplace and supportive environment
    • Continuously improve our processes and services in an efficient and effective manner
  4. Protect, Support & Grow the Christian Discipleship Program
    • Develop a premier discipleship program which focuses on capturing the heart, mind and strength of HCA’s students, staff, and families to impact the world for God’s glory
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