Re-Registration begins in mid-January. We need the most current (and preferred) email address for EACH parent. If your email address has recently changed, be sure to provide that information to the school.

  1. Electronic Re-Registration forms will be emailed January 15. Each parent will receive an email to access forms. If you share an email address, there will be 2 emails to the same address. Each parent will need to complete their form.
  2. Re-Registration forms and payment arrangements must be completed on or before January 28 to secure your child’s placement at HCA. We are accepting new families and filling available spaces. If you are not re-registered by the January 28 deadline, your children will be placed in the wait pool and will not be guaranteed a space.
  3. If you have not received re-registration forms by January 18 contact Jennifer Wiebe at or 403-219-3201 ext. 199

Note: We have a withdrawal policy. Please review your financial agreement and deadlines carefully as you will be charged fees for withdrawing.

# of Students 2020-21 Fees 2021-22 Fees Society Membership   Total 12 monthly payments
Kindergarten $1,388 $1,388 $200 $1,588 $132.33
1 Student
(Gr. 1-12)
$3,558 $3,558 $200 $3,758 $313.17
2 Students 
(one kindergarten)
$4,946 $4,946 $200 $5,146 $428.83
2 Students
(Gr. 1-12)
$6,055 $6,055 $200 $6,255 $521.25
Family Max
(3+ students)
$7,346 $7,346 $200 $7,546 $628.83
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